Saturday, May 12, 2012

Over two months?!

It is absolutely ridiculous that is has been over two months since I last updated this blog. So much has happened since then! Since writing all of it will likely prove to be somewhat trying for my patience, I will try my best to be thorough without going into too much detail, as that likely would be a horrendously long post.

When I last left you all, I hadn't even met Steve's sister Shannon! Well, I got to meet her, and she is fabulous and adorable. Overall, I'd say that Steve has a pretty awesome family. Next weekend I'll be meeting some of the extended, so that's exciting. AND someone is bringing their three legged golden retriever!! AHHHH GIMME DA PUP :)

Easter wasn't anything spectacular this year; I'm not as in tune with my faith as I've been in the past, so I wasn't too into the religion of it. I've become very frustrated with the Catholic church and some narrow minded people, so the last thing on my mind is getting sucked back into it. I would rather be distant from the church and figure out some way to maintain a relationship with God than go along with a religion that I cannot associate with.

The weekend after Easter we had PIE/Emmaus. I managed to wrangle up two candidates this time around; Bradley's (the little boy I babysat last summer) mother, Claudine, and Steve! Everyone loved Steve, and I cannot even express how awesome it was to have him there to share in my Emmaus family. I know he loved the people; he said they were such a welcoming, fun, and loving group. To this day, however, I'm not sure how he felt about the religion aspect of it; I know it's not really his thing. Apparently as of late, it's not mine either.

That next weekend was Steve's 24th birthday! We went out to dinner on his actual birthday. Along with his presents, I made him a card with everything that he loves on it!

It took forever, but I think it came out pretty good!

The next day we took a day trip over to the Quincy Market area in Boston and went to the Boston Aquarium.

My handsome man in front of one of the many fishtanks. 

I was trying to communicate with the fish... I figured if I looked like them maybe they would come over. Sometimes it actually worked! ;)

At the top of the big tank in the middle of the aquarium. 

Nomnomnom :)

Yay! Love this picture... One of the lovely ladies who worked at the front desk took this for us. 

The aquarium was so much fun. After that we headed back to Quincy for shopping and such, and went over to the lit up area right by the shore. We even saw someone get proposed to and engaged! (Thank God she said yes!)

It was SO pretty!

And very romantic.... ;)

I adore this picture :3

It was all around an awesome day. So many great memories made, and we got to spend some nice quality time together. The next day we went over to Steve's mom's house, and she made us dinner and a cake for Steve's birthday. We tried to get the singing candle to work, but it wouldn't until after we were done singing. Oh well, the cake was super yummy, so who cares. :P

"Happy Birthday Stevie Joe!"

Of course, the next weekend, we threw Steve a birthday party. We had it at his friend JD's apartment, dubbing the event fe-STEVE-al 2012. (See what we did there?) It was a lot of fun... from what I remember. When you drink a bottle and a half of wine, you tend to not remember the majority of your evening. But we definitely got some winning shots from that night...Please, oh please, enjoy. 

Steve's Birthday banner that everyone signed ;)

Kisses! :)

Steve's Birthday cake that I made for him. Turn 24 LIKE A SIR!

Epic game of Cards Against Humanity. Seriously, it's an awesome game...look that shit up!

Did I mention that the cake was rainbow with a cookies n'cream filling? So tasty! ;)

Everyone pitched in and got Steve tickets to go see Rammstein* (*this is probably not spelled correctly...). Needless to say, he was SUPER excited. So cute ;)

I just love this picture. I was so drunk, and decided to hit Steve with his Birthday Diva scepter. it. 

The next morning. I was VERY hungover. I may or may not have vomited shortly before this picture was taken. 

It was an AWESOME party. It would have been a great weekend overall, except on the way back Steve's car broke down and we spent the entire day Saturday in a car garage waiting to get it fixed so we could go home. Good news it she's fixed now! Steve wants to get a new car now more than ever, though. He hates that thing. 

Okay. Here comes the big stuff. I GRADUATED COLLEGE. Say what?! I honestly never imagined that day coming, but it did! May 5, 2012, I graduated Keene State College with a BA in English with a Writing concentration. The weather ended up being completely gorgeous, and it was just an allover perfect way to end my time at Keene. That and driving my friend Megan's pick-up truck... that was on my life list! Here are some pictures from the event. 

Steve and I before the ceremony. I was laughing because Megan pointed out that Steve's energy drink was ruining the previous picture, which he hid behind his back right before she took this one! ;)

Shaking the hand of President Giles Gee as I received my cute little fake diploma!

The graduates! Well, some of them. You can't see all of them from this angle. 

After graduating! Those are the gorgeous roses Steve got for me :3

Me and my roommate of two years Susan. 

Now, there were nice pictures taken of me and Megan. But this one is so much more fun. ;)

Me and the family. We're only missing Craig, Bridget's boyfriend. 

See now comes the time in the post when I'm supposed to talk about my plans for the future and all of the beautiful things I'm going to be doing now that I'm out of Keene. Well, see, I haven't exactly gotten that far. But I will tell you, if one more person asks me what I'm going to do, I swear to Christopher it's going to get ugly. 
For now, I'm looking for a job. I'm hoping to get something full time during the week so that I can save up and move to Boston sometime early next year. I'm helping the kids at the Academy finish up their play, so I'm at the elementary school volunteering every afternoon during the week, which is super fun. They're doing Happy Days the Musical... strange, but good music. 

In the next couple weeks I have a lot to look forward to! I might be getting a temporary babysitting job that could potentially start this week, I'll be meeting some of Steve's extended family next weekend, my friends Catie and Jay are getting married June 1st, my graduation party is June 2nd, and my 22nd birthday is June 4th! I will do my darndest to try and update this more, especially now that I'm home with not much else to do. 

This didn't exactly go the 'short' route, but it was decently thorough as promised at least! :3

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