Monday, May 21, 2012

Raise Your Cup of Kindness

Yesterday I met Steve's extended family on his mom's side.. well, some of them. He has a huge family!

They are all fabulous. Super nice, and so welcoming. From the moment we arrived to the party, they all were talking to me and trying to make me feel comfortable. We were outside the majority of the day relaxing and talking, and then Steve's Uncle Kevin made this amazing steak.. The food was incredible. Steak, garlic bread, mac and cheese, pasta salad, loaded potatoes. Oh my Lord it's a wonder I didn't come out of it weighing a thousand pounds!
After we ate, Steve's mom handed out the cake pops I made. Needless to say, they were a hit. A little structurally unsound, this batch; my mom and I had to add oil to the chocolate coating to thin it out because initially it heated too quickly. But, in any case, most of them made it there and into peoples' mouths alright. As always, they were a hit!
After that and a little time passed by, we left the house we were at and returned to Steve's mom's house. His Uncle Kevin and Aunt Karen had brought their three-legged golden retriever, Tracy. I fell in love. I was cuddling with her on the floor practically the whole time we were there! It was just so much fun. I love his family to death; it sucks that they live so far away!

The kids at the academy are gearing up for their show. They're a little behind where they should be, but I know they'll put everything together. That's what always happens. Hell week is quickly approaching! Steve is going to be coming to help out with opening night; I can't wait to see how he reacts to all the craziness. ;)

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