Monday, March 5, 2012

One for the books...

This weekend I experienced one of the most terrifying things I've ever witnessed.

Steve and I went to a metal concert. I'll admit, I went into it very nervous. I had imagined people thrashing around moshing on the floor and getting trampled or injured in some regard. Steve told me that it wouldn't happen, that the most that would occur would be that I might get shoved a little bit and it would be crowded.

The opening band played and everything was still okay. I was pressed up against strangers, but was holding onto Steve all the while. Then the main band, Mindless Self Indulgence, came on. The crowd went crazy. We were in the middle close to the front of the stage, so there was no where really to move. The people started thrashing around so violently that it would near impossible to stand; people next to us fell over. It was at that point that we left the floor to go stand somewhere else. We got out and I was really shook up, but we went to the one of the first levels near the floor. (The theater was gutted and there are levels for people to stand; no chairs). A girl standing next to me slammed down on my foot, who was obviously wearing stilettos. I just started crying. I was already on the verge from the experience in the crowd, but that pushed me over the edge. Steve took me out to calm me down, and then we found another spot to stand. His friends had trouble in the crowd too, and all of them said that it was the most out of control thing they'd ever seen at a metal concert aside from the actual moshing pit. Steve was on edge, too. Some drunk guy was trying to mosh in the section we were in where everyone was just standing and watching, and I really thought Steve was going to try to fight him; I had to pull him back off the guy. I was so happy when we got out of there.

I got to meet Steve's mom this weekend, too! She was really nice. I got to see his house and hometown... I hope to go back sometime and see what it's like during the day.

Next weekend I get to meet Steve's sister. Then I'll have met the whole family! :D


  1. Pretty sorry judgement on Steve's part. After your foot got stomped (or maybe before that seeing how shook up you were) he should have taken you out of there. Sounds like he was more concerned about seeing the band and hanging with his friends.

  2. no it wasn't like that.. after we found a new spot to stand it was fine.. definitely a once in a lifetime experience!
    he did not do anything wrong. there was no way he could have known it would be like that, and he didn't stop apologizing for the whole thing for quite a while afterwards.