Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

It's Christmas Day! Happy Holidays!

This year was a wonderful holiday. Got up, had cinnamon buns for breakfast, opened presents with my family, and spent the rest of the day with my extended family at my aunt's house.

I got a bunch of awesome things this year; Wilton tip set, L.A. Noire (Xbox), Star Trek Legacy (Xbox), Bing Crosby/Frank Sinatra Christmas Album, cake pop stand, Gilmore Girls Season 4, cupcake ornament, portable clothes steamer, an old Hilary Duff CD, and a couple of other little things.

Hanging out with the family was nice too... got to see a lot of people and watch my cousin's wedding in Mexico video from November. Got a little teary eyed, not gonna lie.
It was really nice to see everyone... just a really relaxing holiday.

I really missed having Steve there.. he's really become such an integral part of my life that I miss him when he's not around. Knowing that he was having not the best holiday made it much worse. I think being able to talk to him earlier made us both feel a lot better.

Tomorrow starts the beginning of major bumming. Until I go to see Steve on Friday, I'm going to spend most of this week playing with video games and watching movies. :)

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