Sunday, June 5, 2011


So yesterday was my 21st birthday. Finally legal, what?? :)

I have to say, it was an awesome birthday. Started out the day pretty much how I do any other day lately; shower, hang around, eat something. Then around 5pm is when things started happening! My two friends Kristina and Alyssa came over, we had dinner, and then headed over to the elementary school where I've been helping with the play, Grease. I started running around, as per usual, making sure everything was in order. Stuffing programs, miking up the kids, etc. The play got underway; my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, and my two friends came to see the show.. I gotta say the kids did amazing last night. My only complaints are completely based off other people being dumb. Adult wise, that is. A couple of the songs were off tempo, which you could tell was screwing the kids up. But really, they were amazing.

So after the show I got changed (into party clothes, of course) and headed over to the bar. We had such a good night. So many people I knew were there besides all the people I was with, so that was really fun. I had four and a half vodka/cranberries and a shot of tequila/jager. Man oh man was Loretta drunk. They had karaoke, too, which was awesome. I sang twice!

But here's the part that I think I enjoyed the most. Not only did I feel hot and amazing, but I think other people thought I looked good too! There was this one kid I went to high school with who hasn't seen me since I was a junior, and he was telling me that he didn't recognize me because I looked so amazing. He must've said "Really, good job!" to me (in reference to how well I've aged, apparently) about three times.
Then I got some random kid's phone number. He literally walked up to me, said Happy Birthday, gave me his number, and was like "Hi, I'm Steve, gimme a call sometime". HAHA. That never happens to me! I was so confused! I'm used to being the ugly one in the group.. but I was the one with guys coming up to me all night!
I danced with some other random kid for a bit.. no idea who that was. Talked to another friend from high school who is so friggin' hot I can't even stand it.
The bad parts of the night? Probably two drunk dials made to the same person.. which were later perpetuated by a private facebook message I sent. So embarassing. But they say drunk words are sober thoughts, right? Completely true.

So overall, awesome night. Seriously, it was fantastic. I got wasted, but I didn't get sick, and I felt great about myself for the first time in a while. Yay! 21st birthday: success.


  1. um I love you. You are beautiful and definitely deserved to feel that way...especially on your birhtday! If we hit up the bar again this weekend though, I should not drink as much because if I sleep on your parent's couch one more week in a row, they might start to think I have a problem...HAHA

  2. interesting that you had to be drunk to feel good about yourself. you should think about that.