Monday, January 31, 2011

today was the first day

today was the first day of the rest of my life.

today was my first day in the elementary school where i'll be doing my methods I work. and something i noticed that struck me was how my anxiety did not kick in. at all. as you may know already, i have an anxiety disorder which is often triggered by new situations and stress. this fell into that category, but i have never felt more comfortable. working with those kids confirmed i am going to school for the right reasons. i am here, and doing the right thing. this is what i was meant to do, and all this time i wasn't sure if it was, but i can say without a doubt that it is. so i write here to chronicle this amazing feeling that can only be described as discovering my destiny, so that i will always remember this girl who practically cried writing this entry.

on another note, this cover that i stumbled across on youtube is the kind of passion i think every singer should aspire to. i don't usually post videos because i think it's a tad annoying, but this one is worth is. can't stop listening to it.

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