Saturday, December 18, 2010

First Attempt at Cake Balls!

Ah yes, so I made cake balls! :)
They were actually wicked fun to make and they came out tasty and looking pretty darn cute.. I have to say I am pleased.

I promise my pictures will be better next time, but I was in a rush. But aren't they cute?!
The ones with the red stripes on top are yellow cake with vanilla frosting on the inside, and the green in chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. There are a couple white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate in this tin. Yum! Today I had to finish packaging them so I would stop eating them. They are really good!
The awesome part is that they're pretty rich too, so after one I'm satisfied! Sooo that means that whenever I make them they'll last a long time. :)

I'll be interested to try some of the shaped ones from Bakerella's book.. I had trouble keeping the chocolate smooth on the cake balls, and hers always come out perfect! I guess I'll just need to practice... but I don't have a problem with that.... :)

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