Saturday, August 27, 2011

Small Recap.. Because I'm Bored.

Alright, well orientation week is finally OVER! Thank the sweet Lord.

To start off the week, we were meeting in Tiffany's office every day for hours trying to plan out the orientation program that we would be putting on for the freshmen later on in the week. It was quite the hellish ordeal. My roommate ended up crying on more than one occasion.

In the end however, we came up with an awesome program that we put on four separate times. We were known among the orientation groups as one of the funnest programs to go to! Success! The kids were all really engaged and seemed to have a good time while we still managed to present the material that we deemed necessary for them to attain. So yay!

Steve is currently at PAX Prime in Seattle. I get to see him in six days! It feels like it's been forever since I last saw him, but it was only August 15th. But I mean, it feels sooo much longer than that. I hope that this week flies by so that I can see him. I pretty much have warned him already that I'm going to run across the parking lot and tackle him. It's really cute though, because he said he was probably going to do the same thing. Despite it sucking that we aren't able to see each other, we've gotten to talk on the phone and the trillian instand messenger while he's at work. And we send each other pictures, which is fun. It's so nice to open my phone and see his gorgeous face. I'm such a dork. I can't even type that without smiling. Gracious.

I think I'm finally settled into the fact that I'm a senior. I am a senior. I *am* a senior. That is crazy!! When did I go through three years of college?! Now, I'm not ready for the real world, by any means, but I think by the end of this year I should be okay. Hopefully. Because by then, I don't really have a choice in the matter.

On another note, I made an appointment with the counseling center. I wasn't going to, but I have been advised by a couple different people that it might be a good idea. Since the crazy weight loss I went through was such a traumatic time and since I never talked to anyone about it.. I guess the general consensus seems to be that it would be a good idea for me to talk to someone. And I don't know.. maybe it would be. I mean, I've kinda found myself slipping back into old habits of completely stuffing my feelings instead of dealing with them. I can tell you the last time I cried. It was so long ago. April 22nd, I believe. Sometime Easter weekend. But I'm pretty sure it was the 22nd. So hopefully, whoever I'm paired with will be able to dig through whatever risidule shit is leftover or might be still affecting me.

And on a completely separate note, I love Planned Parenthood. For a long time I was kinda on the fence with how I felt about them, and in the past few years I have discovered how much I really appreciate them and what they do for women. Two for you Planned Parenthood, you go Planned Parenthood. :)

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