Sunday, July 3, 2011

Overdue baking post

Okay, so my cousin got married yesterday and it was wonderful.. but the weekend is not over yet! So I will be posting about that soon.

However, last week I had a couple of baking adventures which I feel the need to blog about now.

Here we go!

Here she is! The first cake I made last week was a three level 21st birthday cake for my friend Cait. This was  most definitely the biggest and most difficult cake I've ever made. The bottom layer was yellow cake, the middle was funfetti, and the top was red velvet. (Honestly, after having the red velvet I think the whole thing should have been so). We tinted vanilla frosting green and then added royal icing flowers. I also made those dark and white chocolate butterflies, complete with edible pearls, which were also then added around the entire cake and on the frosting. 

This cake was really a learning experience for me. A lot of things went wrong with it and I learned a lot about cake stability, temperatures, etc. Everyone loved it, however, and Cait was thrilled. So, I suppose mission accomplished!

The next cake was for my friend Kayla's graduation party. I made a two layer white cake with strawberry filling and white frosting. I did all the detailing that you see (i.e., the balloons on the side, the dots, the edging) with royal icing. Then the lettering and the graduation hat were done with decorator's icing, and the frog was drawn out in white chocolate. 

Out of all the cakes I've made, I think I am proudest of this one. I just love how it came out, and how professional it looks. I am now officially a fan of decorator's icing, as well! Didn't really expect it to have such a fabulous consistency, but it did :)

So there it is folks. Wedding post to come soon, but hope you enjoyed hearing about my cakes! :)

O WAIT! Forgot one. 

These were so delicious it would be a crime if I didn't share. These are chocolate cupcakes with whipped chocolate frosting topped with chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chip cookies. CHOCOLATE is the key word for these cupcakes. AND the best part? The middle of each cupcake is a chocolate chip cookie. I haven't made something so tasty in quite some time. 

These were so good I can't even express to you the level of salivary satisfaction I had upon eating them. I made these for Monday Meatball Madness.. and who knew how much I would love this recipe?

My next adventure? I think trying out some of Bakerella's recipes on her website. I really want to try making Pillow Cookies..... :)

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