Thursday, December 8, 2011

About that time...

It's been a couple weeks since I last updated, so I suppose I should keep my few readers apprised to the goings on in my life! My goodness!

Well, the past week at least has been a big ol' ball of stress. The end of the semester usually is, isn't it? The problem wasn't that I had the usual end of the semester workload, but there were various things in two out of four classes that I hadn't done over the course of the semester that I needed to do. A real slacker would have just said forget it and moved on, but I'm only a mini slacker. At some point I usually realize that doing work is important to good grades, being successful in college, etc. So I made this horrendously stress-inducing wall of note papers outlining each assignment for each class; it was color coded and everything. Definitely a helpful strategy. A good thing to discover as a senior in college, obviously.

However, just this evening I finished all the really strenuous work that I had to do. All that's left before I go home on Monday is editing three papers and making a cheat sheet for my open notes final. Not too bad, considering I have the entire weekend to do it with the other classes completed. I also have a presentation tomorrow, but that barely qualifies as a presentation even since all I'm doing is reading a one and a half page paper which summarizes the topic and arguments presented through my final paper (which, by the way, was only supposed to be eight pages, by mine was NINE!).

Thanksgiving has happened since my last post, hasn't it?! Oh my! Let's talk about that.
Okay, well. This was probably one of my favorite Thanksgivings ever. First of all, Steve came down late Wednesday night. We went over the a friends' house so he could meet them, and then Thursday was actual Thanksgiving.

Now usually, my family hosts Thanksgiving for my mom's side of the family. Since my cousin had gotten married the Friday before Thanksgiving in Mexico and was then on his honeymoon in Bora Bora, the holiday crowd was pretty small this year. But it was really nice! And to top it off, my dad's sister (my aunt), who we don't get to see that often, had extended an invitation to me and my sisters to go over to her house for dessert once our holiday was over. This was the first holiday in my twenty one years of life in which I've seen both sides of my family on Thanksgiving. It was a gift that I hope continues to happen for many years to come.

Friday I took Steve to the Miele's house so he could finally meet Julie and Joey (he had met the girls over the summer when he first came down to CT). We had a blast, and they seemed to all really like each other. That night we decorated the tree (in record time, mind you, since it was my parents, my sisters, me, and everyone's significant others... eight in total!).

Saturday we hung around for the majority of the day, but went to mass at St. James, which proved to be a frustrating experience due to the changes to the Catholic liturgy. What the fuck were they thinking with that shit?! *Don't get me going.*

Anyways. So after mass Steve and I went to dinner at Panda House with Kristina, stopped back at the house briefly, and met out at McCoy's. What a night we had. Not only was it the usual drinks and karaoke fun, but Steve got to meet all my youth group friends from growing up.. literally most of them. A lot of people came out, some of which I even hadn't seen in years!

Sunday it was more lounging around, but Steve did get to try Danny's! Overall, it was a fantastic holiday, a type which I would love to repeat.

Things to look forward to:

  • Tomorrow night Megan is having a program with cookies. I like cookies. 
  • Friday Megan and I are going to Walpole to do a photoshoot at sunset in Alyson's Apple Orchard. Hopefully we won't get kicked out or anything. 
  • Also, tomorrow night we're gonna get drunk and watch Christmas movies. I'm wearing my snowman pants. Fuck the what. 
  • Saturday is GrooveBoston, a giant traveling dance club. I'm going drunk. I've pretty much decided I'm spending the majority of this weekend drunk. 
  • Monday I get to go home! And I am going to go see my Academy kids.. I miss them so much!
  • Next weekend Steve is coming to CT and we're going to NYC.. he's never been to the city... I'm pumped to show him around (based off my own limited knowledge, but whatever. It's gonna be wicked fun). I've always wanted to see the city at Christmas. 
Also, on a sidenote, Steve and I celebrated 4 months.. well, technically yesterday since it is past 1am as I am writing this post. So Dec. 7th, for the calendar challenged ones. 
It's been an amazing four months, and I hope to have many more just like it. I love him. 

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