Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My fairy-tale continues..

It's now been over a week since Steve and I became official.

It's so completely strange. I feel like I've known this boy forever. Literally, we've only known each other a little over two weeks now. And as crazy as it sounds, I feel more comfortable with him then I do with even some of my friends I've had for years.

Like I've said before, he is incredible. I can be my complete and total self around him. This is a really big deal for me; something I've always looked for in a relationship. Even in some good friendships I've felt as though I have to hide parts of myself.. opinions, views, emotions.. even little quirks in my personality. With Steve, I don't have to hide anything. He accepts me completely for who I am, and tells me I'm beautiful in the process.

He is incredibly sweet, funny, thoughtful.. He makes me laugh.. I smile just at the thought of him.. the mention of his name.

I cannot say enough nice things about this boy.. This wonderful boy that I keep thanking the Lord for.. This boy that is, in short, the knight in my fairy-tale. Steven Joseph Lane.

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