Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baking post!

Hello again!
So this is a bit delayed as these were both made last week, but I wanted to show off my creations anyways!

Ain't she pretty? A little uneven on top, but overall I was pleased with it. Definitely not the design I sketched out before decorating, but it still looked pretty nice. This is a white cake with chocolate frosting and in between layers are Chips Ahoy cookies, which softened and were really good. The designs are done in royal icing. Overall, this cake took about 4 hours. Not to shabby for start to finish!
A look at the designs up close. I used neon food coloring to get the green to be so bright and just regular yellow for the trim. 
This was a really really REALLY fun cake to do. I made it for a friend's weekly meatball dinner, also known as Meatball Madness!
Sorry for the bad picture on this one, but I wanted you to see the top. 

Then later on in the week I made sugar cookies for a concert to further experiment with royal icing. These were my first cookies with royal, so they didn't come out very "professional" looking, but everyone seemed to like them... they went like hotcakes!
Bread in the container worked like a charm. It made them softer even! These cookies are from scratch, and so is the royal icing, but that's not difficult to make! The cookies however, were a bit of a pain. 

I tried to use a lot of color since spring is coming up! I definitely have the wheels turning for my next batch... :)
I used an old Biscotti container for transport, which is also what I photographed them in. 
I loved the colors, and I had to keep an eye on my mom... she wanted to eat them all!

Overall, I loved both of the outcomes here. What shall I do next time? I have a couple things in mind.. just wait and see :)

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